Do I Need Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Jul 19, 2021

Disease, decay, and mouth trauma can damage your gums and teeth beyond repair. While emergency tooth extraction is never the first choice for treating an infected or damaged tooth, it is sometimes necessary to ease a patient’s pain and prevent an infection from spreading.
If you think you need an emergency extraction, we are here for you. We proudly serve patients in Phoenix, and are a Dentist open on Sunday to accommodate weekend emergencies.

Urgent Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should contact a dentist immediately. While having these symptoms doesn’t always indicate that you will need a tooth extraction, they can be signs of an infection that should be treated as soon as possible.
The following symptoms can be warning signs that you may need to have a tooth pulled.
  • Bleeding that won’t stop
  • Swelling
  • Teeth that are chipped or broken off below the gum line
  • Signs of infection or abscess

When is an Emergency Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Intense tooth pain that won’t let up is a sign that something is seriously wrong with your tooth. Pain could be caused by an infected cavity that has turned into an abscess, or it can be caused by trauma to the mouth. Your dentist will be able to determine the cause and the proper way to treat it.

A severely damaged tooth often has to be pulled because it is no longer a viable tooth. Broken teeth can become infected and painful if they are not extracted. Small chips can be fixed, but a badly damaged tooth may have to be extracted and replaced entirely.

Swelling is one of the telltale signs of infection or abscess. An infected tooth can be life-threatening if it isn’t treated promptly, so it’s important to call your dentist at the first sign of jaw or face swelling.

What Happens During an Emergency Tooth Extraction?

A dental exam will be the first item on the list when you come in for an emergency visit. Your dentist may take x-rays to get a better look at the issue.
If they determine that the tooth needs to come out, they will numb the area or place you under general anesthesia. The tooth will be removed by cutting away the gum and bone that surrounds it and gently pulling it out with forceps.
Antibiotics and pain relievers will be prescribed to help the healing process.

We Offer Emergency Tooth Extractions in Phoenix

Do you think you may need a same-day tooth extraction? We are one of the best dentists open on Sunday that can perform a surgical extraction when you need it.
You don’t have to suffer through the pain until you can get to your regular dentist. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a dental emergency, call our office immediately to see if an emergency tooth extraction is the best treatment option for you.