How Much Does A Root Canal Cost In Phoenix? 

Aug 2, 2021

A root canal procedure sounds scary, but not for the reason you might assume. Aside from physical discomfort, many people worry about the costs associated with a root canal procedure. 

Luckily on both accounts, root canal treatment can be both affordable and virtually pain-free. But to help you prepare for the procedure, we’ll break down the most common costs associated with a root canal in Phoenix

Root canal costs combine three main areas: exam with x-rays, the root canal procedure, and post/core buildup to seal the hole and restore the tooth. 

If you’re looking for an affordable root canal in Phoenix, make sure the quote you get covers all three of these steps. While you may find ads for cheap root canal services, you may be fooled by a practice that hides additional costs. 

When you’re getting a quote for your root canal treatment, there are other elements that could impact the cost: tooth location, treatment timing, and previous damage. 

If you need a root canal, the location of the tooth that needs treatment can greatly impact your cost. For example, a front tooth in need of treatment will cost less than a molar in need of treatment, because it is easier to access and the tooth is less dense. Alternatively, due to their size, molars often have more than one root thus requiring more work during the procedure.

When it comes to your teeth, the best way to cut down on costs is to keep up with routine maintenance and cleanings. But even if you take care of your teeth, root canals can still become necessary. The key is to seek treatment right away when you fear you will need a root canal. 

The longer you wait to treat the damaged tooth, the more work you may need. And that can mean more discomfort for your mouth and your wallet. When you seek treatment right away, it is easier for the dentist to identify the damaged root and perform the procedure. Over time, when left untreated, the damage or infection in a root can become more severe. 

If you ignore tooth issues, the root of your tooth can become so damaged that a root canal is no longer possible. In such a scenario, you might need a tooth extraction and replacement tooth, which is a much more expensive process than a root canal. So don’t delay! 

Perhaps the biggest factor in overall cost will be whether you have dental insurance. If you have insurance, you’ll need to check if they cover root canals. Additionally, they may have specific parameters for covering root canal services, such as putting a cap on how many visits or how many services can be completed in one visit. 

When you’re looking into whether your insurance covers root canals, look for “endodontics” (root canals) and “periodontal treatment” (root planning). Many dental insurances will cover at least a portion of your out-of-pocket expenses related to these treatments. 

With today’s technology, there’s no reason for a root canal treatment to be painful. And if you’re looking for a root canal in Phoenix, it can be affordable, as well. Our conveniently located dental office in Phoenix offers affordable options for treatment. Contact us today for more information!