What NOT to Do After Oral Surgery

Aug 20, 2021

If you’ve had a tooth extraction, such as for a decayed tooth or wisdom teeth, your dentist probably gave you some handouts. This paperwork helps you to understand things like wound care, what to expect as you heal, and what to do to speed that recovery. 

However, there is also a bit of a list of things to avoid! To better help you understand what NOT to do after oral surgery, we’ve compiled some of the top “no-nos” to help you avoid potentially dangerous or painful complications. 

Don’t Exert Yourself

After oral surgery such as a tooth extraction, your body needs rest. That’s why you should not push yourself physically. Do not expend energy going to the gym or out for a run. Focus on resting and recovering. Additionally, you should avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for the first few days after your oral surgery, to allow your body time to fully heal. 

Don’t Consume Hot Foods or Drinks

You may be tempted to reach for a bowl of comforting hot soup – but don’t do it! Immediately following oral surgery you should not attempt to consume any hot food or drinks until after you are no longer numb. If you do, you could inadvertently burn your mouth. And the last thing you need to deal with as your mouth heals is the added pain of a burn. 

Don’t Eat Hard or Crunchy Foods

This may sound like common sense, but a lot of people forget this. You should avoid chewing hard, crunchy food such as popcorn and carrots in the area where your oral surgery took place. And this rule should remain in place up to 6 to 8 weeks following your oral surgery procedure. Hard particles of food can get lodged in your oral wound, causing [ain and potentially dangerous infections. Better to wait to eat those crunchy snacks until you’re fully healed. 

Don’t Brush or Floss 

Although oral hygiene is an important part of the healing process. you need to take care. Do not brush or floss in the surgical area until your dentist clears you to do so. When you do resume brushing and flossing, make sure to be extra gentle until the area is fully healed and your wound is closed. This will help you avoid damaging stitches or causing additional bleeding by reopening the wound. 

Don’t Smoke for 24 Hours

While it’s best to avoid smoking at all times due to health reasons (hey, we are doctors, we have to say it!), you should especially avoid smoking after surgery. At the very least, do not smoke for the entire day after your oral surgery. But better yet, quit smoking altogether to improve your overall health! Your oral hygiene and health will be much improved!

Don’t Drink Alcohol for 24 Hours

Alcohol can interfere with the healing process, which is why you should not drink for the 24 hours following your oral surgery. Additionally, you should not drink alcohol while you are on any pain medication or antibiotics that it may interfere with. Alcohol can cause additional bleeding, and the last thing you want is to bleed or delay the healing process. 

What Not to Do After Oral Surgery

To learn more about what not to do after oral surgery and how to best prepare, reach out to our friendly, experienced team at 19h Avenue Dental Care. We will make sure you are well cared for before, during, and after your procedure.