When You’re In Need of a Weekend Dentist

Nov 5, 2021

Whether you work full time, go to school, or have daytime commitments, it can be hard to fit in time to take care of yourself. And when it comes to your teeth and oral health, you don’t want to risk skipping cleanings and care! However, for many busy people, finding a time to see their dentist on weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM just isn’t going to happen! Luckily, our team has a weekend dentist ready to care for you. 

A Weekend Dentist Provides Flexible Appointments

A weekend dentist can be just the thing you need to keep up on your dental and oral hygiene. Many of our patients find it hard to schedule routine visits between work, school, and personal commitments. 

But skipping dental visits can compound potential issues. Dentists refer to these regular visits as “prophylactic exams.” Prophylactic means preventive, since having these regular visits can prevent a whole lot of pain and effort. 

Regular dental checkups allow your dentist to catch small issues before they become big problems. These visits can end up saving you a lot of time, pain, and money. For example, you might miss a cavity when it’s small and easy to fix, resulting in a more extensive and expensive procedure later. 

And if you only make it to the dentist every 2 or 3 years, you are going to need a much deeper cleaning when you do come in. These deeper cleanings are more expensive than regular cleanings, as well. Not to mention the added cost of fillings or other treatments. That’s why it just makes the most sense financially to come in regularly. Luckily, a weekend dentist can provide you with the scheduling flexibility you need to take care of yourself. 

That’s why 19th Avenue Dental Care is proud to have a fully staffed weekend care team available for Sunday appointments. Our weekend dentists can clean your teeth, perform root canals, replace lost crowns, and perform emergency tooth extractions. That means we perform all the duties of a regular dentist, just on a day that’s more convenient for you.

A Weekend Dentist Can be There for You in an Emergency

One of the most common reasons patients look for a weekend dentist is when it’s an emergency. And we all know emergencies don’t wait for convenient weekday appointments! If you’re experiencing tooth pain on the weekend, you want to get it resolved quickly. Intense tooth pain can be a sign of an abscess, a condition that can cause illness or even death if it is not treated soon enough.

If you have pain accompanied by swelling and fever, you should reach out to 19th Avenue Dental to be examined right away. We will perform a root canal or an extraction to alleviate your pain. And since we know emergencies don’t just happen during the week, our weekend dentist is available on Sundays.

Whatever your needs, having the availability of a weekend dentist can make your life easier. Dental and oral hygiene is so important to overall health, and there’s no reason that scheduling should get in the way of that. If you’re looking for a weekend dentist appointment, reach out today! Our team will be happy to see you.