What To Expect Dentists in Phoenix, AZ

Feb 3, 2022

Our mouths speak for us, literally! Did you know that tooth care is directly linked to full body wellness? It’s true! Though dentists are specially trained to care for teeth, many times they are the first line of defense against undiagnosed illness and disease affecting the entire body. There are many Dentists in Phoenix who offer various services.

Looking for your new favorite dental office in Phoenix? Look no further! 19th Avenue Dental Care is conveniently located in Central Phoenix and provides comprehensive dental care, with services that go far beyond teeth cleanings and checkups.

Friendly Pediatric Dentists in Phoenix

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children start seeing a dentist by their first birthday or when their first tooth emerges. Why? Because as soon as a tooth emerges, so does the potential of a cavity.  

19th Avenue Dental Care is pleased to provide pediatric dentistry to the Phoenix area and is excited to help even the youngest members of your family navigate their oral health.

Dental Crowns Fit For A Royal 

A dental crown is a tooth shaped “cap” placed over an existing tooth. It serves to protect a damaged tooth, cover and protect a tooth implant or a root canal, and generally support tooth health for the long term. 

If you are looking for a dentist in Phoenix to work with you on dental crowns services, give 19th Avenue Dental Care a call today!                                                                    

Tooth Implants With Dentists in Phoenix

Tooth loss can cause serious physical and mental health issues, including lack of confidence, depression, malnourishment, and speech issues.  If this sounds like you, 19th Avenue Dental Care is the dental office for you.

If you are looking for a dentist in Phoenix to work with you on tooth implants, give us a call today. We enthusiastically perform dental implant surgery and are committed to helping restore smiles.

Painless Root Canal

A root canal is a tooth saving procedure performed by making a small hole in the tooth and extracting the bacterial infection. The area is then cleaned, filled and sealed – good as new! 

With the procedure taking place under anesthesia and having a relatively painless recovery process, a root canal could be just the answer to your needs. If you are concerned that you may need a root canal, call Phoenix’s 19th Avenue Dental Care today. 

Tooth Extraction From Dentists in Phoenix

When our adult teeth grow in, they are intended to stay with us for life. But sometimes factors such as overcrowding, tooth decay, or gum disease render it necessary to have a tooth extracted, or pulled. 

There are some rare occasions such as massive tooth breaks, severe pain, or large cracks, that would even make an emergency tooth extraction necessary. Though this is always a last resort, 19th Avenue Dental Care does perform emergency tooth extractions, in addition to a myriad of other emergency dental services. 

Emergency Dentist in Phoenix – There When You Need Them Most 

Dental emergencies always seem to happen at the worst time, and without a dentists’ feedback, sometimes it’s actually hard to know what actually is or isn’t an emergency. Luckily the dentists and staff at 19th Avenue Dental Care in Phoenix are trained to spot the difference. 

We will talk you through your situation and figure out how quickly you need to be seen. In order to provide excellent care, our dental office happily offers short notice and Sunday appointments. 

Night Guards for Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Tooth and jaw health can have a great impact on your general body health. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMD, is a syndrome typically caused by grinding and clenching the mouth; it can cause pain in the form of jaw and face pain, headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, and toothaches .

A properly fitted night guard is an effective and long lasting way to address TMD symptoms and manage the painful symptoms. Looking for a dentist in Phoenix to work with you on your TMD pain? Give 19th Avenue Dental Care a call today. 

Invisalign in Phoenix

Do you find yourself enjoying wearing your mask simply because it covers your crooked smile? Looking for a straighter smile but not looking to go the orthodontic route? 

Invisalign is a technology that allows patients to receive the same effects of braces, without the  hassle of poking wires and years of uncomfortable orthodontic appointments

Achieved through the use of clear teeth aligners, which gently put pressure on the teeth and work to straighten them to the optimized position, Invisalign could be just the service for you.

Tooth Whitening Services 

After almost two years of zoom meetings, you may have found yourself fixating on your teeth – how do they look? Is my smile still bright? What will my teeth look like when the mask comes off? 

If you find yourself asking these questions, or are simply looking to make a quick and painless change to your appearance, teeth whitening could be just what you need! 

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of Phoenix residents smile brighter and wider. Contact us today!