Dental Services

19th Ave Dental provides numerous dental services with customized treatment plans, innovative technology and personalized, friendly service with a smile.

Dental Crowns / Dental Bridges

Dental crowns and dental bridges are required when a large portion of the tooth is either fractured or decayed. We use a conservative approach to retain as much of your tooth structure as possible and completely cover the tooth for better insulation, stability and full function.

Dental Implants

With the newest technology in the market, we are able to precisely position a dental implant to give you the safest, most controlled environment.

General Family Dentistry

We have a long standing history in providing all types of dentistry to families. From 6 months of age and elderly grandparents, our 30 years of Phoenix dentist practice has earned the respect and trust from our community. We provide all general services which include, but are not limited to: dental teeth cleaning, root canal treatments, dental bonding, cosmetic tooth whitening, and dentures.

Put your smile in capable hands, with the services of 19th Ave Dental Care in Phoenix. Call (602) 433-0313 or send us a message, we’d love to hear from you.

Crowns and Caps

Dental crowns and caps help protect your teeth, cover an implant and support health tooth health for the long term.

Dental Fillings

We use high quality white aesthetic fillings to give you a great smile and full function with your new fillings.


We can replace any number of teeth missing, from missing one tooth, to full mouth reconstructive dentistry.


19th Ave Dental performs simple and surgical extractions with light or full sedation as needed.


Invisalign is a clear alternative to metal braces that successfully correct mild to moderate imperfections with your teeth, in a timely manner.

Night Guards

We provide an array of different types of night-guards to fit your needs, alleviate your TMJ symptoms and help you get better sleep every night.